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My Conservative Christian Mom and Me 8.02.21

Reviewing Valentine's Day Movies ft Dr. Liz 15.02.21

Never Have I Ever 17.05.21

Tentacle dildos ft Erogeisha 24.05.21

Jealousy ft Mandee Conant 7.06.21

Erotic Art ft Sophia Sky 14.06.21

Body Positivity ft David Wraith 21.06.21

Cannabis and Sex 07.08.21

How to Have Good Sex 16.08.21


Host of Sex with Robin BAFM 109.6
Sex and Relationship Coach

Sex Educator
Writer - Performer - Activist

About Sex with Robin BFAM 109.6

I'll be discussing all topics related to sex, BDSM, dating, non-monogamy, gender, and more! I'll have guests, taking calls, all that good stuff :)

All adult genders and bodies welcome! Your questions are valid.

Any bulling, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, or other discriminatory behaviour/content WILL be shut down.